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1.   Where is BROADVIEW Estate?

       BROADVIEW Estate  is situated along Airport Road, Municipal Council, FCT, within Kuje - Axis, Abuja.


2.  Why BROADVIEW Estate?

       BROADVIEW Estate is conceived with the view the quest for excellence, beauty in Real Estate business. It's fully endowed with                social amenities giving it the full required facilities to be called a country of its own. At this Estate you will have access to the newly            constructed Airport Road, Abuja. 


3.  Who  is the  financier and developer of BROADVIEW Estate?

        Portal Realties Ltd is the developer with the track  record of high performance in the Real Estate  industry for the past six (6) years             and Bluestone  Construction Limited is the company responsible for the provision of infrastructures and facilities within the Estate.


4.  What is the size of a plot at BROADVIEW Estate?

       Land Size: 450sqm, 600sqm, & 648sqm Respectively


5.  What happens if a lesser or bigger plot is allotted to me?

        In the case of a bigger or lesser plot, a sum equivalent to the size of shortage or excess multiplied by price per square metres will               be refunded or demanded.


6.   Is there any encumbrance on the land?

       We are proud to say that the land is free from every known Government acquisition/interest and adverse claimant.



7.   What other payment do I pay apart from the payment of the land?

        Site plan & Legal documentation                        N50 000 (Subject to review)

        Building Plan                                                       N150, 000 (Subject to review)

        Premium/Developmental fee                               Yet to be determined


8.   What will the premium be used for?

         For the provision of facilities to be provided at the Estate namely; Road, Electricity, Drainage, Perimeter fencing  with Gate House


9.  When will the premium be allocated to me?

         At full payment.


10.   What document will i be offer after completion of payments for the land?

          Letter of Allocation, Site Plan, Deed of Assignment, Building Plan and a Copy of the Global Certificate of Occupancy.



11.   Does BROADVIEW Estate have a Certificate of occupancy?

          Portal Realties Ltd  has initiated the process of the C of O  which will be secured before the expiration of the instalment period.


12.   How will I ascertain the genuineness of the land titles?

       Portal Realties shall make the land titles available for you to conduct search at your own expense.


13.   Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance any time within the duration of tenure?

         Yes. Payments are to be made on monthly basis within the stipulated Months.


14.   Is there any restriction as to type of building I can build?

         Yes. You are limited to build residential houses within the area designated as residential and commercial houses on area designated as           commercial.


15.   Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

         Allotees are encouraged to take possession and develop their plot within a year of allocation in order to control weeds: also in case              where the land is left unkempt, the developer will come in to keep the land tidy and expenses incurred will be transferred to you.


16.   Where do I make payment?

           Please kindly make all payments to our bank Account and send scanned copy of your teller to info@portalrealtiesltdng.com for tittle            processing.


17.    What do I get when I make the initial payment?

         The purchaser shall be provided with an invoice, receipt and deed of contract.


18.    Do I need to pay the indigene for compensation?

            Not although. Portal Realties Ltd is responsible to settle with the indigenes before physical allocation on the plot(s) subscribed for will   be allotted.


19.   Have you done similar project in Abuja before?

          Yes we have. Our Broadview estate Lugbe, Abuja has commenced development while Rockview estate Karshi, Abuja has commenced selling.




Please Note: All instrument of payment should be made in favour of Portal Realties Ltd please be aware...


         Banks                                              Account Number


1 .ZENITH BANK PLC (DURUMI, ABUJA)                                1012882927


2. ZENITH BANK PLC Ojodu,                                   1011689961


3. GTBANK PLC,                                                                    0019330977


4. FIRST BANK PLC,                                                 2012974573


5. ENTERPRISE BANK LTD,                                              1200820278


6. ECO BANK V/I                                                         0012007744


7. FIDELITY BANK                                                               4010015338


8. DIAMOND BANK                                                              0021395863


9. STANDARD CHARTERED BANK (NAIRA)                  0001639137


10. STANDARD CHARTERED BANK (DOM, USD)           0001639151